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About Us

Personal and Business Tax planning using life insurance is perhaps the greatest financial instrument used to accumulate and protect wealth from tax.

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Agent Dan


28 years in the insurance business, as of 2015.  I have lots of experience and practice with individual life and health insurance products, employee benefits, pensions and investment planning.  As of the last 13 years, most of my business has been individual life and health insurance. I am particularly interested in and sell much disability and critical illness insurance.  I have watched both these products respond in a big way to clients in need.  Few people really understand what happens to a family when Mom or Dad or even one of the kids become ill and the income stops. These kinds of insurance can be the difference between keeping your house or not.

Effective insurance and tax planning can have a substantially greater impact on your long term security compared whether or not you make an extra point or two on your RSP investment.

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Ross Macfarlane, B.Eng


I am a licensed independent insurance advisor in British Columbia working with business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals to implement methods to minimize taxes and maximize the best use of insurance and estate planning money.   

My personal philosophy is that, it is not what you make that accumulates wealth; it’s what you keep. Income tax minimization is critical for anyone running their own business that plans to one day convert some of that wealth into cash flow and perhaps pass on what isn’t used to the next generation.

 I’m passionate about reducing taxes, increasing cash flow and securing you, your family and your business. I meet with people to discuss their financial goals.  I ask them who they want to provide security for and what they are doing now to reduce or eliminate taxes.  I am always looking for new ways to minimize taxes.   Agent Dan and I have built a valuable team of legal and accounting professionals to assist in designing custom financial structures.  

Here are some testimonials from my clients.